About Us

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As South Korea's first company to provide comprehensive vehicle fleet management services since 1986, Master Motors have been diligently working in this industry for over 30 years.

As Korea's largest and most comprehensive fleet management company with a nationwide network of more than 2,400 service centers, top-tier repair facilities, and towing companies, we have formed partnerships with numerous insurance, finance, and car rental companies as well as imported automobile manufacturers and vehicle credit cooperatives to realize a new era in professional automotive services.

Master Motors' wide range of automobile-related services include emergency dispatch, on-site accident response, maintenance, mobile maintenance, accident repair, customer service center operations, resupply of consumables, painting, inspection, scrapping, used car sales, car rental, and travel and insurance.

In recent years, we've been providing customized fleet management services to corporations coping in the economic downturn to significantly reduce management costs. As a result, major companies such as KT and Lotte Group have become our customers.

Currently, we are preparing a membership-based total-care program to provide high-level automobile-related services to the general public in addition to our corporate customer base. We'll be providing systematic information and complete convenience to individual customers.

Not to rest on our laurels, we're also looking ahead to expanding into the international market.

With the establishment of our New Zealand branch in 2003 as the starting point, we're now preparing our entry into other markets such as Australia and China to offer our comprehensive services to the rest of the world.

We're fully committed to achieving our corporate vision of becoming the top total-service provider well into the 22nd century and create a 100-year legacy with our customers together.

Thank you for your continuing interests and affection for Master Motors. We will continue to do our best in providing you, our loyal customers, with the highest levels of satisfaction and service quality.

Thank you.